Our History: Obsessed by sitting

Anyone who has heard of Original Steifensand knows that there is no other statement that could describe the medium-sized, owner-managed company any better. F.-Martin Steifensand founded the company at the end of the 1960s and made it known throughout the country by inventing the so-called „spinal disk chair“. The family business was successful and grew rapidly until it was sold to a Scandinavian group of companies at the beginning of the 1990s.

Through a management buy-out, today‘s acting partners took the company with long-standing tradition over in 2001. It is a matter of the heart to make it a family business once again.

The legendary „spinal disk chair“ remained a part of the product range. A new family of chairs was developed: mito®. It caused a stir in the sector. With it, the company made another breakthrough.

The enormous quantities were all handmade. In the company‘s own production hall with integrated upholstery. And this is still done at the Original Steifensand premises. But on a larger scale – on a modern 17,000 square meter production area in Freystadt. However, our company still has a manageable size and, in our hearts, we are regionally anchored and find joy in our work. At Original Steifensand we believe in the greatness of our medium-sized company. Our customers also profit from this.

     Alexander Härtel           Lothar Kroczek

1 9 6 0:

F.-Martin Steifensand registered the Company at the end of the '60s.

1 9 7 0:

Breaktrough in the field of Ergonomics with the pelvic bolster seat invention.

1 9 9 1:

Takeover of the company by a scandinavian group.

2 0 0 1:

Takeover by MBO-Gründungsteam for Management-Buy- Out, and strategic reorganization of the company.

2 0 0 2:

Own-design and construction of the „mito“, swivelling chair (the winner of the chair comparative test carried out by FACTS magazine)

2 0 0 3:

Moving of the company‘s premises to a new, own-property with training facilities and show rooms, in the industrial area of Freystadt.

2 0 0 4:

Own-design of „inspiro“ – individually printable backrest

2 0 0 5:

Company‘s expansion by creating additional jobs.

2 0 0 7:

Own-design of the „ceto“ ergonomic product group. The latter passed FACTS tests and was rated as „excellent“

2 0 0 8:

Own-design of the „seno“ product group and entry in the market of back-angle auto-adjustment components.

2 0 0 9:

Setup of the Retail Support Service; Award of the „bayerischer Gründerpreis“ for the „Newcomer“ category.

2 0 1 0:

Own-design of the „volto“ product group, and successful market launch of the „piro“ and „reto“ chair models.

2 0 1 1:

Expansion of the „volto“ product range to include the „volto basic“ multipurposechairs.

2 0 1 2:

Expansion of the „volto“ product range to include „volto PLUS“ models and start of the new „piro“ series. At the same time, „xysto“ Lounge seating products were also added to the range.

2 0 1 3:

Layout of a new product strategy and start of new product developments.

2 0 1 4:

Productlaunch of the new modular chair design MONICO® during the Orgatec 2014.

2 0 1 6:

Design-Awards for MONICO® from the juries of "German Design Award and Red Dot Design Award" 2016. Distribution takeover for Kleinkopf Objektmöbel GmbH. Increasing the collaboration with specialist retailers.