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Our core business is the construction and production of high-end, health-conscious office seating furniture. We design chairs that are pleasing to the eye as well as comfortable for our backs. But there is much more to it. We care for the overall health and well-being of our customers. For this reason, we focus on sitting behaviour, human body posture and healthy motion. 

This concept applies to all human resources from part-time employees to top-management levels. All our efforts, know-how and expertise are entirely addressed and devoted to the pursuing of our target, that is „supporting the well-being and health“ of our customers.

Since our invention of the pelvic seat, we have been totally committed to our corporate motto „Tradition and Ergonomics“. We provide ongoing wellness-oriented mechanical innovations, including, for example, our automatic seat tilt adjustment, linear synchron mechanism and many more seating solutions getting closer and closer each day to our targets.

We have put together a choice of references, feedback and opinions about our product portfolio and services below. You can read them here:

Original Steifensand takes over distributions from Kleinkopf Objektmöbel GmbH

With our product Series piro® we offered a range of wooden chairs and tables. For a considerable time these objects were produced by our partner Kleinmöbel GmbH. In 2016 Original Steifensand takes over distributions from Kleinkopf with a comprehensive organisation in Europe. 

Official Announcement

Kleinkopf Objektmöbel


Product Design Oscars 2016 are going to Freystadt.

Press Report: 

German Design Award

MONICO® wins Red Dot Product Design Award 2016 and German Design Award 2016.

The modular chair design convinced both Juries with it´s elegant and characteristic Design created by  chairdesigner Justus Kolberg.

Awarded with some of the most important recognitions for product design, Original Steifensand´s modular chair design MONICO® counts to the best of the year.