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Do you often feel a slight strain in your back after a long day at the office or a conference? Ergonomic high-quality chairs keep you fit for the end of the work day. Please always keep in mind:

The human being is not meant to sit for a long time! All we can do with our products is to make it healthier for the body. Still, you should get up and stretch every now and then. Your body will be grateful.

Our core business is the construction and production of high-end, health-conscious office seating furniture. We design chairs that are pleasing to the eye as well as comfortable for our backs.

Our Products

2400 square meters for your sales message!

With inspiro® you can have a motive, logo or your sales message printed or embroidered on your desired model. This tool is commendable for visitor chairs in particular. Or do you have a special pattern in mind?

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The performance of Original Steifensand is ensured by high quality
standards, efficiency, fast-reaction time and reliability.

Our chairs and our production processes undergo regular audits, tests, certification and approval.