Product Design Oscars 2016 are going to Freystadt.

MONICO® wins Red Dot Product Design Award 2016 and German Design Award 2016.

The modular chair design convinced both Juries with it´s elegant and characteristic Design created by  chairdesigner Justus Kolberg.

Awarded with some of the most important recognitions for product design, Original Steifensand´s modular chair design MONICO® counts to the best of the year.



Justus Kolberg, a chair designer who is in demand throughout Europe, steps up to the challenge. Because chairs are his passion. His creative leitmotif: Simple, minimalistic, clean-cut. The ideal use of forms for a new range of office chairs, which shows the way to a suitable office chair as clearly as MONICO®.

MONICO® is distinctive. And this should be clearly visible. Because the office chair represents the brand Original Steifensand like no other product.

MONICO® combines the best qualities of Original Steifensand: sophisticated technology, pure aesthetics and supportive sitting for any kind of requirement

MONICO® is different. Especially concerning its back view. After all, a chair is rather defined by its backrest. Therefore, the designer Justus Kolberg focused on this component for MONICO®. The result: A distinctive component for the whole product family.


A Y-shaped brace – on request available with adjustable lumbar support – as well as a bent backrest give the entire product family its own identity. Its technical appearance, characterized by roundings and smooth transitions, is highly aesthetic.

The brace: It coalesces in the lower section, underlining the supporting and thus functional aspect of the office chair. Flexible in the upper section. Stable in the lower section.

The lumbar support: It is intended as an option and can be vertically height-adjusted at the brace. This works well with the backrest, which is bent backwards.

The interaction: The characteristic element, which consists of brace and support, has a technical look and feel to it and, at the same time, is very aesthetic due to its roundings. The component parts fit into each other perfectly.

The managing directors about MONICO®

Nowadays, it is not easy for people to work in a sitting position. They are supposed to sit comfortably – and healthily. They are supposed to sit individually – and on chairs with a certain corporate design. They are supposed to sit on custom-made chairs – that should also be economical. Quite a few challenges for those who sit.

And for those who provide office chairs. However, everything could be so easy. Managing directors Lothar Kroczek and Alexander Härtel about MONICO®, the new modular chair design by Original Steifensand.

MONICO® combines optimum functionality and a high level of innovation and profitability. And because it bears the Original Steifensand brand, MONICO® stands for quality „made in Germany“.

The Designer Justus Kolberg

Justus Kolberg, who was born in Schleswig in 1962, quickly built up his reputation as a designer. He owes his remarkable career to his intelligent designs, which he integrates in modern, technical architecture.

Since 1997, he has been working as a freelance designer in cooperation with
several companies like Tecno (Italy), Kokuyo (Japan), Wilkhahn (Germany), renz (Germany), Thonet Wien (Austria), Kusch (Germany), Garpa (Germany), Munch (Denmark), Davis (USA) or HoWe (Denmark).

Justus Kolberg has won numerous awards – including seven „red Dot“ awards from „Design Centrum NRW“.